Chappell to the world, Patrick to family and friends. Chappell was born under the sign of Aquarius to which he attributes his talent, personalty, charm and sense of being a free spirit. He was born under the year of the Dragon, to which he credits his wisdom, confidence and the ability to always land on his feet. Chappell has always been an entertainer. He started singing and dancing in grammar school at age seven. He performed weekly for a different classroom for two years. At age eleven his saxophone became his next love. He has played in many large ensembles including concert bands, jazz bands and marching bands.

Chappell has performed in  cover bands and original bands all over the southeast region of the United States,as well as studio projests in Spain and Sweden contributing both instrumental and vocal talents. Chappell now resides in Holland, and has been a feature act in many clubs and festivals mostly under the representation of Soulsessions. Holland is now the home base from which Chappell has made his mark musically on Europe, South Africa and is aiming for the rest of the world.He has become a respected singer, songwriter and entertainer working with many established names in Holland, Europe and US.Ralf Gum,Danny Marquez,Daniel Bovie,Gene Farris,Groove Junkies,Gregor Salto,Sidney Samson to name a few.

Chappell has released several singles since 2007 and quite a few hit the top of  the charts. Lift U Up, Just Sing(Hmm), Get Ready, We Get High  Your Friend and Please Me has and continues to rock the clubs and has actually made Chappell a household name in South Africa. Chappell live still makes quite an impression in all parts of the world so future seems bright with many more hopeful hits to come. See you at the party!